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I talk a lot of shit, and practice what I preach – lil wayne

After spending a relaxing weekend climbing at Grand Ledge with my girlfriend and other close friends, I can’t help but develop a little freedom lust.

I’ve long professed the joys of minimalism; however, I’ve never really adhered to a full minimalist philosophy. Aside from a couple summers where I worked less than full-time hours, my entire adult life has been a non-stop cascade of school, work, and other obligations. I’ve rarely allowed myself time to slow down and enjoy the present. Minimalism is about reducing time commitments and the necessity to rush, not just simplifying material possessions. I’ve been living more like an anti-consumer than a minimalist.

Life is more enjoyable when you take time to slow down and live in the present. Barbequing and hanging out at Grand Ledge this weekend reminded me of that. Oftentimes I live in my head and focus on the future instead of just experiencing the moment.

What I really need in my life is more recovery time, and until I can redesign my life to run at a less hectic pace, I’ll be a minimalist advocating hypocrite. Someday my passive income stream will allow me to travel at my own pace, rock climb, read, philosophize, and learn new skills (spear fishing is at the top of my list).

Climbing at the ledge is filled with new challenges and new possibility. I worked on some of the lower moves of Enigma (V7) while on top rope. No shame.
Photo Credit: Paul Janczuk
Climbing at the ledge is filled with new challenges and new possibility. I worked on some of the lower moves of Enigma (V7) while on top rope. No shame.

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Setting New Goals [May 2014]

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Is it just me, or is it June? That means it’s time for a monthly update on my finances from May.
May was a great month for dividend growth; however, I overspent my budget.

Expenses: $988.10
Dividend Income: $139.60
Percentage of expenses paid by dividend income: 14.1%

J. Curtis Webb Passive Income Versus Expenses May 2014

My budget for the month of May was $775, or exactly $25 per day. I went $213 over budget, AND I have an additional car expense that I’m going to amortize over the next 6 months. The car expense came to $300, and I did not apply any of it to this month’s expense.

Digging deeper, I found that I was way too liberal in my food spending habits this month. Groceries for the month came to about $150, slightly higher than normal, but that’s fine. What killed me was eating out: a couple trips to Qdoba, Bagger Daves, Atwater Brewery, and One Eyed Betty set me back $180. Other than that, I didn’t really go well over budget in any category. I did buy a new polo for $18, and I regret that purchase. Lastly, I spent an extra $100 during my European Trip. That put me over the edge. Since my budget is ultra-lean, I don’t have much room for unexpected splurging.

The painless solution to this would be to forecast that next month I’m going to spend $30 per day, and thus $900 during the month of June. That would be the easiest solution, that way I can still go out to eat a couple times during the month, and I can still make a relatively aggressive goal.

I didn’t get to where I am, nor will I get to where I want to be by taking the painless solution.
A couple new goals that will help me hit June’s goal of $750:
• Only spend $100 for the month on going out to eat. Groceries will remain at $150.
• Bike to work four times during the month of June, saving roughly $15 in gas.

A budget of $25 per day equates to an annual budget of $9000. It’s a tough goal to make, but even if I miss the budget every month, the effort I put in will pay dividends… literally.