Peer Pressure [July 2014]

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Peer Pressure [July 2014]

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July 2014 financial update:
Expenses: $1091.99
Dividend Income: $106.50
Percentage of expenses paid by dividend income: 9.8%

This graph shows that roughly 10% of my expenses were paid for by dividend income this month. There is some turbulence in the graph, but it’s trending up towards a larger and larger percentage of my expenses being paid for by dividend income.

Jcurtiswebb Dividend Income Versus Expenses July 2014

This July was my second highest month for dividend income, but my highest month for spending thus far. After spending $1091 this month, I have nothing to show for it except a personal realization about the way I spend money.

July’s goal was $775, and I spent $1091.99. That means I went over budget by $316.99… Jesus.

How did it get so bad?

Well, a couple of my good friends (whom I also work with) wanted to take a trip down to the red river gorge, KY to climb. Instead of roughing it and camping, we ended up splitting the cost of a cabin. The cabin ran $125 per person for two nights… This is opposed to spending $5 a night to camp. I also was quite reckless with food spending this month. A co-worker of mine wanted to go out to a nice restaurant after work, and I went however my bill came to $50 more than I wanted to spend (the bill was $50). I also was quite liberal about going out to lunch this month, both during work and on the weekends. Little trips add up, and I spent about $100 more than I wanted on restaurants.

I certainly wouldn’t have spent this money if I was by myself; many of these purchases were due to the influence of my peers. Now, I have a pretty firm resolve to be frugal and save money, however, I don’t want to ostracize my friends, girlfriend, or family with my frugality. Because of this, I spend more money than I otherwise would have. Most purchases I’m fine with, however, the extravagant ones like eating out at a fancy restaurant or staying at a nice cabin, I feel guilty for purchasing.

At the end of the day, I can let it go fairly easily because I realize it’s all a part of the journey.

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