Celebrating Early [November 2014]

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Celebrating Early [November 2014]

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There are still two full days in November where I could potentially spend money, but I’m going to pull a Usain Bolt here…

Nearly all of the companies I’m invested in pay quarterly dividends. It just so happens that the majority of companies in my portfolio pay in May, August, November, and February. Because of this, I’ve been extremely excited all of November to watch the dividend checks roll in. The results are pretty exciting.

Expenses: $1071.97
Dividend Income: $315.87
Percentage of expenses paid by dividend income: 29.5%

Passive Income Versus Expenses J. Curtis Webb

Those are some incredible results! I made over $315 this month by doing absolutely nothing.
Didn’t quite make my goal of $900 for expenses, but I spent $150 on gifts and $30 on rock climbing competitions. Minus those expenses that I failed to budget for, I would have hit my target.
That leaves the percentage of my expenses that I paid for with dividends… 29.5% is a new record for me, but I wanted to hit 33.3%. To know that 1/3 of my expenses were paid would have brought me a lot of satisfaction. Oh well, the day I hit 1/3 will come soon enough.

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