Autopilot [December 2014]

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Autopilot [December 2014]

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For the time being, I’ve stopped contributing to my brokerage account, so my portfolio won’t be experiencing the dramatic growth that it saw during 2014. I’ll elaborate on why very soon. For the time being, I will reinvest the dividends, but for the most part leave the portfolio on autopilot.

December was an expensive month for me for two reasons: gifts and skiing. I don’t regret spending money on either of these, and for this I’m proud of myself. Many previous months this year when I went over my budget I felt a large amount of guilt… I set lofty budgetary goals each month, and when I fell short, I would beat myself up. What is the point? Why feel disruptive emotions over money? Really the biggest take-away I’ve had is: wherever you are with frugality, accept it. Move towards where you want to be, but don’t worry if you have setbacks. Life doesn’t conform to your idealistic plans.

Expenses: $1507.33
Dividend Income: $211.45
Percentage of expenses paid by dividend income: 14.0%

J. Curtis Webb Passive Income Versus Expenses

Even with a very expensive month, I managed to pay for 14% of my expenses with dividends.

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