Red Rocks and Joshua Tree

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Red Rocks and Joshua Tree

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Playing catch-up here with photo’s and videos.

I met Brittney Jones and Daniel Antinora when Paul and I were climbing in Moe’s Valley, Utah. They offered to put us up for a night in Vegas on the one condition that we would play Bingo with them at the casino… We reluctantly accepted.

It seems I’m not really cut out for Bingo. All of the old Ladies keep up with the Bingo Curator (that’s probably not what he’s called), but I fall further behind each call. I turned it into a memory game where I had to remember the last two-three numbers called while trying desperately to scan my board for the number that was called two drops ago. A couple times I considered knocking my drink on the floor to stop the Curator’s numerical assault on me… I didn’t though, somehow I kept my composure during this stressful endeavor.

We spent half a day bouldering at the Kraft boulders in Red Rocks.


Meet Wasatch, this little guy is afraid of car rides

Meet Wasatch, this little guy is afraid of car rides


Paul and I then hit the road and bouldered another half day at Joshua Tree.

Joshua Trees and boulders in the background

Joshua Trees

Unfortunately just half a day at each location didn’t lend much video footage. Here’s what I ended up with:


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April 23, 2015 at 4:32 pm

Your Bingo story would make a good scene in a comedy movie!
Good video and pictures as usual!

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