My Lack of Blog Updates

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My Lack of Blog Updates

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I’ve told a lot of people they can frequently check my blog for updates on where I’m at, what I’m climbing, etc. 

I’ve put serious thought into aggressively trying to grow my blog. This would entail networking with others, posting tons of original content, and  eventually monetizing  the blog readership. I haven’t done this for a couple reasons.

First and foremost, maintaining an online presence does not fit me. I’m active online in spurts. I’m running my blog the same way that I’ve done any social network I’ve been involved with. Short periods of posting and activity followed by neglect. Daily posting, commenting, and interaction bores me. This is also why I’m not a good person to liven up a group text.

Second, I’m not sure that my blog even has potential. It’s kind of a tri-pillared blog: financial independence, rock climbing, and life philosophy. For financial independence, I’ll never be able to touch the likes of Early Retirement Extreme, Dividend Mantra, or Mr. Money Mustache. For rock climbing, there’s climbingnarc, DPM, rock and ice, and many more. I guess my last niche is my own life philosophy, and I don’t want to force my reflective posts about life.

Third, I also turned myself off of the idea of blogging and making videos after I posted a link of one of my blogposts/videos on facebook and proceeded to watch for the entire day to see how many people would like it. I don’t like the attention seeking behavior and need for gratification that posting online brings out in me.

Props to the bloggers and social networkers who are very active and who provide me interesting content to read each time I come online. I’m not trying to bag them in any way. However, it doesn’t work for me, and what’s most important for me is not forcing myself to be somebody that I’m not.

What does work for me is updating sporadically when I’ve captured something interesting on camera/video or when I’m struck with inspiration.


Squatter's rights.

Squatter’s rights.


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May 15, 2015 at 8:10 am

I agree with your reasons for not wanting to grow your blog. But we really enjoy and appreciate reading about your adventures and seeing the pictures and video!

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