The Sky is Falling

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The Sky is Falling

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I’ve always been fascinating by the end of the world. In my younger years when I was a Christian, I would read the Book of Revelations… religiously. I would talk to my family and friends about the end times; it seemed like the signs were all around us. Wars, earthquakes, and famine were becoming more frequent in the world (or maybe just in the media). The left behind series helped fuel my obsession as well. It seemed like everything was building up to the apocalypse. It seemed like any day the anti-christ would make peace between Israel and Palestine and we would be raptured.

Then almost immediately after shedding my religiousness, I found another doomsday scenario: the collapse of the US Dollar. The financial crisis of 2008 was unfolding, and the evidence seemed to be piling up that America was done. I remember journaling at the time how I probably won’t even get to finish my degree before hyperinflation occurs and chaos sets in. I invested almost all of my money in precious metals, bought survival foods, and tried to warn all of my friends and family. I always believed that the façade I saw around me was illusory, and foundations were actually crumbling.

So am I all better now? Did I finally grow up and realize that America is going to last forever? Of course not. America and the entire world for that matter have many crises that will need to be endured through: rising interest rates, peak oil, trade deficits, war, and climate change. Some of the things I’m most afraid of may not pose a problem, and some of the things may turn out to cause suffering to billions of people.

I’ve had a change of mindset over the past several years. Although I’m still concerned that these disasters could happen, I no longer want them to happen. Every doomsday scenario I’ve ever got caught up in, I’ve wanted to happen. I wanted fire and brimstone to rain upon the earth. I wanted the dollar to collapse and for there to be chaos in the streets. I wanted modern society to collapse without the use of cheap petroleum.
Chaos in Athens

Really, I wanted to watch everyone around me struggle. When I got involved in some internet forums of people preparing for economic collapse, I saw a lot of the same. These people are sadists; they want pain inflicted onto others, but not themselves. Putting myself on the couch, I think what it stemmed from was jealousy of others. As a kid who spent a lot of time in church, I was forced to sacrifice a lot of time. Many of my friends had sleepovers on Saturday nights, but my Saturdays involved going to bed early to wake up for church. I just wanted revenge for all the time I invested in church; I wanted to be validated. Later in life when I was convinced of an economic collapse, I wanted to be prepared, and I wanted others to suffer for not being prepared. It’s not healthy to want others to suffer. Looking at the posts of most of these doomsday preppers, they are depressed, angry, or insecure in some fashion.

If you listen to the doomsday prophets, you’ll be building a solar powered bomb-shelter in the woods. You’ll be off the grid, growing your own vegetables, and waiting for shit to hit the fan. Living in fear is no way to live.

Does this mean I think the mature thing to do is to not prepare at all? Let me put it this way: In almost every doomsday scenario where society falls apart and chaos ensues, those who have no skills will be hit the hardest. If you’ve sat behind a desk in HR for your whole life and all you can do is give presentations about sexual harassment at the workplace, you’re probably not going to last. However, if you can perform home/car/bike repairs, grow/cook your own food, run/ride/walk 20+ miles per day, speak multiple languages, and defend yourself, you’re going to be fine. Provide a value to others, and you’ll be valuable.



May 28, 2014 at 3:25 am

I think every culture and country has their own fascination with the end of the world. Between the movies and talking heads you might want to jump off a building if you actually listened to what these people were saying. To me, end of the world talk is just chatter to tune out. The dollar, China, war, terror, etc. etc. Somehow we just keep on moving right along. I know this chatter influences a lot of stock investors as it is being increasingly difficult to tune it all out.


May 31, 2014 at 11:07 am

Right. I thought the whole system would fall apart before 2012. Media that sells fear is just more popular. I listened to the fear, and got absorbed in it.
It’s all just chatter.

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