One Step Closer [June 2014]

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One Step Closer [June 2014]

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June was a very busy month for me. Work essentially consumed my life for the second half of the month, and I’m pretty exhausted from it. On the plus side, I was looking at the two goals I set for myself in May when I lost control of my budget, and I made both of them!
First: I wanted to only spend $250 on food. That’s $150 on groceries and $100 on eating out. I ended up spending $142 on groceries and $85 on going out to eat. In total, that’s $23 under my goal.

Second: I wanted to bike to work 4 days out of June. I did this the last four days of the month. Nothing like procrastinating until the last minute.
And now the June 2014 financial update:
Expenses: $790.93
Dividend Income: $38.95
Percentage of expenses paid by dividend income: 4.9%

JcurtisWebb Passive Income June 2014

Budget for the month of June was $750, thus, I went over by $40. A couple small contributing factors pushed me over the edge.
• I bought a new website domain (It’s going to be about rock climbing all over the world).
• I bought an oil change (instead of changing it myself)
• My climbing gym expenses were double a normal month’s (bought an annual pass halfway through the month)

Dividends were disappointingly low this month. I bought Johnson and Johnson and Aflac after the dividend record date so I didn’t receive any funds from either of these companies. It doesn’t matter though; my goal isn’t to try to maximize dividends the moment after I purchase them. I’m purchasing stocks that will provide me income for the long-term.

Building off my last month’s goal achievement, I’m going to step it up for the month of July:

  • Bike to work 10 days out of the month

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